Artist Info

A Multi-Talented Free Spirit

noL recorded a 10 songs in one session on his 15th birthday & hasn’t looked back since. One of those songs (Animal Ambition) impacted numerous people in his high school & they inspired him to keep making more music. 7 years later, he’s making undeniable music.


Most of his music carries a hunger, and unstoppable vibe because he gives them the real him, talking about his real life & everything he’s been through. Some of it is pure creativity which can be assessed as you listen for yourself. Most people that hear his music for the first time are genuinely impressed & inspired, you can see it in their eyes. More than the money, thats what he wants: to touch as many people as possible. He wants to make a REAL impact. He wants to make people feel the same feeling he feels when he hears a song he loves.


His father used to make music just as much as he did. He makes music for a lot of different reasons but he has a strong desire to finish off what his father started. He says “I can list all my reasons to be passionate about music right now, but I would end up writing a book about it. There’s a lot more.”


The music speaks for itself. It’s definitely a unique mix of all different types of musicians & times in hip hop. noL says “I can’t say who I sound like but I can say I’m inspired by people like Kanye, J Cole, Lil Wayne, Tyler the creator, J Dilla & more.”


He’s put in a crazy amount of time, money & energy to make it sound as good as it does. He’s written thousands of songs, made thousands of beats, & recorded hundreds of songs, but he doesn’t put out any music unless it’s high quality. Additionally, his performances are always special because the passion is evident.